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Code Snippet Manager that will help you code faster - QSnipps

The best code snippet manager

Stay organized, work smarter and faster!
Why would you waste time rewriting the same piece of code every time you start working on a new project when you could have all your blocks of code organized in a central snippets library? You need a code snippet manager, you need QSnipps!
Start taking advantage of all the powerful features offered by the snippet manager QSnipps.
Build and organize your entire code snippets library now.
QSnipps - The best code snippet manager

QSnipps features to work and code like a pro!


QSnipps runs on Windows and Mac without a problem. Download, install & run.

Easy to use interface

The user interface is light & fast. There are no hard features to be learned.

Database sharing

Store your snippets database on a network shared folder and access it from any device.

Multiple ways to organize

Organize & store your code snippets as you wish. There are many options to manage your snippets collection.

Run shell & dos commands

Do you use the Console/DOS prompt often? Save all your commands as ShellApps and run them directly from QSnipps.


Quickly access key features of QSnipps from within any IDE using a simple hotkey combinations*.

File attachments

Having a more complex snippet that needs more than just the code? Attach archives (or any other type of files) to your snippets for that extra flexibility.

Syntax highlighting

Coding in different languages? QSnipps already has built-in syntax highlighting for major programming languages. Additional  can be created by the user very easily.

Many usability features

QSnipps has tons of other features to aid the user in quickly creating new snippets from text selection or files (drag&drop), to organize the snippets library and to access them when needed as fast as possible.

Download the free version of QSnipps

You can download and try QSnipps before you buy it!
The download is the fully-functional version of the application and includes all features.
QSnipps is available for the following operating systems: Windows OS and macOS.
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