QSnipps 2 Help - Questions and Answers To Get You Started

QSnipps 2 Help

Questions and Answers To Get You Started
1How to change the database location
Here are the steps to change the database location in QSnipps2:
  • When opening QSnipps, press and hold the SHIFT keyboard key at start-up;
  • The "Change Location" window dialog will show up and will allow the user to select a new location for the database;
  • Hit OK and restart QSnipps.
2 Methods to access your snippets library

Once you have added and organized snippets in your library, you can copy them into any application that support drag & drop or the copy and paste methods.

Drag & Drop Method

If the application (IDE) your working with supports drag & drop from external applications, perform the following steps:

  1. From QSnipps select the snippet you're interested in;
  2. Hold the left mouse button down (on the name of the snippet) and drag the cursor to the location where you want to place the contents of the snippets;
  3. Release the left mouse button.

Note: Not all applications support drag & drop of content between each other.

Copy and Paste

This action places the content of a snippet in the computer's clipboard, making it available to be pasted in any IDE.

  1. From the "Snippets list", right click the name of the snippet you want to use and select "Copy to Clipboard";
  2. Go to your IDE and the paste the snippet content at the desired location.
3Global hotkeys shortcuts (Windows OS)

You can access different functionalities of QSnipps, by simply pressing a combination of keys from your keyboard. Here are the shortcuts:

  • CONTROL + ALT + 1 = Opens the "New Snippet" window, allowing you to quickly create a snippet;
  • CONTROL + SHIFT + SPACE = Opens the "Quick Search" window, giving you quick access to all your snippets library;
  • CONTROL + ALT + M = Opens the "Clipboard Monitor" utility.
4When I open QSnipps, I get this error message "Database file doesn't exist in the specified location." and QSnipps quits. What's going on?

It means that QSnipps could not create/access the main database where it stores your snippets library due to the fact that it doesn't have write/read permissions for that particular folder and you need to change the folder. You can reset the database folder location by pressing and keeping pressed the SHIFT keyboard key, when you start QSnipps.

Another factor that may cause this issue on Windows OS, could be the antivirus software installed is blocking QSnipps from creating/accessing the database it requires.

5Hot create additional syntaxes or modify the existing ones?

If you need more syntax highlighters then the ones already available in the standard QSnipps installation, you can create additional ones or modify the existing ones, to your needs.

Where to find the existing syntax highlighters on WIndows:

Please do not open the files with Notepad. Instead use a better source code editor. We recommend Notepad++.

6Can I get a free QSnipps license?

Yes you can get a free license for QSnipps. Please check this page for more information's.